Client Login  Employee Login

Welcome to the A system, we have put in place for the following – 

  • For clients –  
    • Visibility to projects –designs , application in various testing stages 
    • Communication with project team – central repository for all documents and communication 
    • View online project status - % age completed, task wise status, exhausted man hours 
    • Raise issues / Report bugs – issue status, built in escalation mechanism
  •   For prospective clients –  
    • Sample project components - for better visualization of deliverables especially for non IT savvy clients 
    • Project management – sign in as guest and view the facilities for clients
  •   For Partners / Employees -
    • Component library – tested code along with documentation to minimize development effort 
    • Resource Management – Attendance, leave application and company policies
Following information can be useful while exploring the site: 
  1. Components - One element of a larger system. Software components are routines or modules within a larger system and are created with an intention of reusability.
  2. Project Summary report - A summary report, which shows a snapshot of all your active projects. You can click on any project, to view details of the project.
  3. Project dashboard - The project dashboard, gives a detailed view of the selected project, with details like, estimated hours, current hours, % age completed, critical tasks, task wise status, resource allocations etc
  4. Project message board - This module is used for centralized communication with the project team. We insist that all communication is done through this module, so that all information is captured for future reference. This also acts as a central review repository for inactive project stakeholder, where anyone can review all communication that is happening regarding a project. This module also has facility to upload files, so all project artifacts will also be stored in this section.
  5. Issue management system - This section allows you to raise issue related to a project, or support related issue. The communication entered here, has an automated escalation, built into the functionality, to ensure prompt response from our teams to you.